Logging with Draft Animals - 260


Logging with Draft Animals - 260


Taught by renowned draft animal instructor Brandt Ainsworth, this class covers oxen and draft horses logging essentials and demonstrate ecological methods for skidding logs from woods with tongs, sleds, and arches. Practice skidding exercises with coaches. See demonstrations of tree felling techniques and safety. Learn ways to load logs on a sled or wagon, watch portable sawmill operations, learn sales strategies, observe and discuss lumber seasoning and home kilns. Logging in snow helps demonstrate ideal logging conditions. Learn about micro-forestry from tree to specialty lumber.

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Rough Outline of Logging with Draft Animals


Quick history of horses logging
Modern use of logging horses
Handling a team basics
Quick history of ox logging
Modern use of ox logging
Handling a team basics
    Sleds and its uses
    Cart and its uses
    Scoot and its uses

Ground skidding and when to use it

Harnessing basics
Yoke basics

Go into woods and get a sled load of wood before lunch; One for oxen one for horses


Basic tree felling
Basic log bucking
Bunching logs with oxen
Skidding with horses on cart
Loading scoot or cart with oxen

Advanced techniques
    Hooking to lift tree for ease of pulling
    Slowing down teams
    When to rest

Advanced harnessing
Advanced yoking
Advanced skidding

Overview of feeding & shoeing working teams

Skidding loading implements

Heavy pull techniques

Care of horses and oxen at the end of day