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The Art of Stone Masonry - 631

Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

A master mason and a preservation engineer take you step by step through the how and why of good stone laying practice. Learn how to split and dress stone and how to design, mix, and install historic matching mortar. Hands on stone laying will include both real veneer and solid stone. This class is good for both the hands-on person and those who want to understand how to hire work done well.


Please register 2 weeks before the class to allow time for the instructors to plan the project and obtain materials! Thanks.


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Enrollment: 6 to 12

Minimum age: 18


a/ September 17-19, 2015, Thursday-Saturday, 9:00-5:00pm

Tuition: $325

Cook's Mill, Scotts, MI

With Tom Nehil, Blair Bates, and Dick Roosenberg


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Letter to Tillers, June 10, 2009


"Dear Sir/Madam:


Just wanted to give you some feedback from a recent course I completed in The Art of Stone Masonry over at DreamAcres in Minnesota. The course was excellent, and I could not have hoped for a better beginning to learning the skill.


Todd Juzwiak and Evie Barr were most gracious hosts. Ted Wilson, the instructor, was very knowledgeable and a consummate teacher. His head is so full of knowledge that one could labor under him for a year and still not exhaust his tips, ideas, and hints on how to work better. He was most thoughtful, very approving of our initial efforts, and a master at nicely suggesting that perhaps that stone ought to go in another spot. After a short introduction, he proceeded immediately to showing us how to "bash rocks" and there was ample time to practice shaping and cleaning up stone before we ever mixed mortar. The class was low-key, and when rained entered the region to "spoil our building," Todd was well-prepared with alternative plans. Todd was also extremely good at nudging Ted along so he wouldn't get off on tangents about the cathedrals of Europe or building techniques of the ancient Romans.


After a delicious and ample meal homemade by Evie and a lovely break time in their home, we proceeded to mix mortar and lay rock. Mortar formulas were kept simple, as in keeping with our skill levels, and there was plenty of time to practice laying rock under Ted's watchful eye and gentle persuasion.


Since there was a wide range of interests in the class, from barn restoration to beginning stone work to some experienced stone workers, it might have been difficult to blend and address everyone's interests. However, they were. Everyone came away from the class with the knowledge they had hoped to obtain. I was more than well rewarded for the time and day I took off to take the class. It exceeded my expectations in every area, plus the quality of the teacher and the graciousness of the hosts were just the frosting on the cake. I would certainly consider taking other classes. DreamAcres is nicely situation over here on this side of The River. I think there is need in this area for more of the classes offered in Michigan. Your support and sponsorship of DreamAcres is a good combination. I just wanted you to know. Thank you.






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