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Wheelwrighting - 464- CANCELLED.

Wheelwrighting: shrinking the metal tire

Wheelwrighting: turning the hub on a lathe

Wheelwrighting: inserting the spokes

Wheelwrighting: discussing the math

Learn the process of constructing wooden wheels for wagons. See how small hubs are turned and mortised. Practice shaving spokes. Felloes are steam bent. Lend your hand as the team heat shrinks steel tires onto wheels in a cloud of steam. Wheelwrighting is a fascinating combination of early precision wood and metal working. Product: none.


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Enrollment: 4 to 12

Minimum age: 14


a/ June 28-29, 2013, Friday-Saturday, 9:00-5:00pm

Tuition: $200

Cook's Mill, Scotts, MI

With Dave Kramer and John Sarge


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