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Caning Chairs - 188

Caning Chairs

Caning Chairs

Caning Chairs

For years Sewell Mason remembered that man who came by his mother's house in Tennessee asking if any chairs needed recaning. Sewell watched as the man carefully wove reed through the holes of the seat, making a broken chair useful once more. 30 years later, he caned his first chair--reading from a booklet his sister sent him. Now he canes chairs as a hobby. Since caning can cost more than a chair is worth, Sewell happily teaches people, usually on beautiful antiques and family heirlooms saved from the trash by people who know one day they will refurbish them. The first three steps go quickly, but soon the careful weaving begins, and keeping a careful eye on the work is paramount. Recreate the beauty of your grandmother's rocker. Learn to weave cane for classic chairs. Practice on a frame or bring an old chair in need of repair.


"Mr. Mason was courteous and patient, very likeable. I'm pleased he is willing to share his experience." -student, 2009


"I enjoyed studying with such a knowledgeable instructor!" -student, 2009


"I thought Sewell was a very good instructor, letting us work at our own pace, but giving us a basic understanding of the process so that we could put the practice into context." -student, 2009


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Enrollment: 4 to 10

Minimum age: 12


a/ November 7-8, 2014, Friday-Saturday, 9:00-5:00pm

Tuition: $155

Materials: $20

Cook's Mill, Scotts, MI

With Clyde Mumford with Sewell Mason consulting.


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