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Working with draft animals is at the heart of the Tillers' experience, a hands-on opportunity to put your plans and interest to the touchstone of reality! Tillers' teams of oxen and horses demonstrate their power and responsiveness. Working them is enjoyable and productive. We want you to test that for yourself, whether for rural development, historical reenactment, or small farm power. Join other students who share your interests. Tillers' draft animal classes initiate you into a world of living power. Enjoy the challenge and rapid learning


If you want to farm with oxen or draft horses or to share farm skills with the world's poor, Tillers first teaches early draft animal practices then integrates new, low-cost technologies. Practices such as intensive rotational grazing and remote solar water pumps complement animal-powered farming systems. Join us to explore and combine the best of yesterday and today in strategies that can vitalize small farms.


Farming with Oxen and Horses - 250


Draft Animal Logging - 260


Small Scale Hay Making - 270


Small Grain Harvesting - 280


Equipment Clinic: Sicklebar Hay Mowers - 290 NEW!











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