Energy and Environment
Inwood Landscape photo by Phillip Ohmer

Energy and Environment

Cook's Mill Pond

Inwood Solar Array

Cook's Mill stream

Tillers International teaches low-tech, low-input appropriate technology farming techniques both domestically, at our Cook's Mill Learning Center, and internationally during our rural development projects in east and south Africa. We promote the use of oxen and draft horses on the farm, as well as grass-based pasturing and haying as primary livestock feed, minimizing the use of fossil fuels. We also teach low-impact forestry using oxen and draft horses for log removal.


Tillers is also partnered with DreamAcres Farm in Wykoff, Minnesota. Off the electrical grid, DreamAcres offers Introduction to Solar Power and Alternative Systems - 991, a class designed to help people interested in solar power for farm or home to learn basic principles of solar power and explore options for setting up their own solar system. Tillers' Inwood Farm in Charlevoix, Michigan is also exploring alternative energy. Inwood manager Mark Maier has installed solar panels on the roof of the Inwood garden shed.


Cook's Mill Learning Center is a 430-acre farm featuring mixed hay fields, field crops, forest, mill pond, and stream, a greatly varied ecological environment. Join us as we continue to explore and understand the ecological and environmental interaction of our farm.













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