Wood Fundamentals IV: Basic Joinery


Wood Fundamentals IV: Basic Joinery


An understanding joinery begins elevating your work to the next level. When people think about fine wood craftsmanship, they are often imagining fine joinery. This last class in the Wood Fundamental series introduces you to one of the most functional, yet beautiful, aspects of woodworking. Taking the previous Wood Fundamentals, or their equivalent, is HIGHLY recommended before taking this class.

In this class, you’ll be introduced to:

  • Selecting woods for joinery 

  • Selecting joinery methods 

  • Miters 

  • Biscuits, nails, and dominoes 

  • Mortise and tenon (practical) 

  • Finger joint 

  • Dovetail joints (practical) 

  • Rabets and dadoes joints (essential joints often used in furniture and cabinets and other such projects)

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