Wood Fundamentals II: Sharpening


Wood Fundamentals II: Sharpening


There’s nothing like working with freshly sharpened tools. Not only does it make the job easier and more precise, it’s safer. Most tools from box stores do have an edge, but are far from their full potential. This introduction is vital for anyone wanting to work with wood to any degree. Some of the information can be applied to other tools not commonly used in woodworking such as hatchets, machetes, knifes, etc.

This class with cover fundamental skills including:

  • Identifying edge types and angles 

  • Common sharpening materials 

  • Correcting angles 

  • Flattening and lapping 

  •  Sharpening chisels and hand planes (practical) 

  •  Sharpening hand saws (practical but basic) 

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