Blacksmithing : How to Make a Pipe Lock

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Pipe Lock Online.jpg

Blacksmithing : How to Make a Pipe Lock


This fun project not only further refines your blacksmithing skills, it gives you the opportunity to make a truly unique lock. The project comes from the book The Spruce Forge Manual of Locksmithing: A Blacksmith’s Guide to Simple Lock Mechanisms by Bill Morrison and Denis Frechette (Spruce Forge Publications, 1999).

“The pipe lock is a fine example of a ‘Blacksmith Made’ lock. The design is uncomplicated, the parts are easily forged and it works well even if it’s crudely made. Though the pipe lock resembles pipe locks commonly made by blacksmiths, this one has a unique feature: instead of using some form of spring-loaded pin to secure the hasp, the smith used a bolt threaded directly into the hasp. The bolt, made with a specialized head, can only be removed with the proper key.” - Morrison & Frechette

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