Furlong 250 Ultra Trail Run


Furlong 250 Ultra Trail Run


A furlong as a unit of measure dates backs hundreds of years and refers to the length that oxen could pull a plow without resting making it the perfect unit of measure for a trail race spanning 250 furlongs (31.25 miles to be percise) across two large farms known for their livestock including oxen.

It’s a tough course and given the unpredictable weather of Michigan in November, there’s no telling what trail runners might face.

The race, organized and designed by an avid trail runner, benefits Tillers International and AACORN Farms, on whose land the race will occur. Proceeds will be divided equally between the two non-profits

  • Saturday, Nov. 2

  • 8 a.m.

  • Rain, snow, or sun

  • Director, Andy H.

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