Furlong 250 Ultra Trail Run
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Furlong 250 Ultra Trail Run

Join other runners who think that running 250 furlongs in early November is a great idea! The Furlong 250 Ultra Trail Run (250 furlongs is about 50k or just over 31 miles) sprawls across farms, woods, and fields during the heart of the crisp days of Autumn.

A furlong was the distance a team of oxen could plow without resting, according to early Anglo-Saxons. Today, it’s mostly used in the U.S. and Canada in horse racing and is considered to be about 1/8 of a mile.

While running a 50k is certainly impressive, telling your friends that you ran a 250 furlong race is no doubt a conversation piece (even though it’s the same distance).

This race benefits Tillers International and Aacorn Farms, a non-profit dedicated to working with adults with developmental disabilities (www.aacornfarm.org.

Visit @Furlong250 on Facebook for more information!

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